Martin and Richard

Martin and Richard

Many people assume that alarm services like Life24 are solely for older people, but one couple in their 30s have benefitted from the peace of mind and renewed independence it has brought.

Martin lives with his husband Richard, who was diagnosed with Huntingdon’s disease in his 20s, which is a terminal condition that stops part of the brain working properly over time. 

Now in his late 30s, Richard’s mobility has slowly deteriorated. It became more and more difficult for him to be left on his on his own and the couple struggled to live independently. Richard began to need 24-hour care, and simply popping out to the shops became impossible for Martin.

This all changed thanks to Life24. Richard now has an alarm pendant, floor level buttons, and smoke detectors installed, meaning Martin can pop out knowing he will be called if he’s needed. 

Speaking about the difference it has made, Martin said: “Richard can’t walk, and it’s peace of mind for me knowing someone is there at the push of a button if there’s a problem. He can’t be left alone for long periods of time but with the alarm it means I can nip out locally, which I wouldn’t be able to do if the Life24 system wasn’t in place.

“I have activated the alarm myself before when Richard has fallen and cut his head open; they called an ambulance while I took care of him. I also like the smoke detector as it means if there is a fire and we can’t get to a phone, someone will be calling the fire service for us.”

“I think a lot of people assume it’s for older people, yet Richard is only 38. Anyone of any age that has a disability can use it.”

Having the right level of service is also really important, as one size does not fit all. That’s why the Life24 team are experts in assessing the needs and abilities of their customers and how to manage the alarm being raised for each person.

It’s also makes a real difference to have a friendly, but knowledgeable voice at the other end of the phone, which Martin finds really helpful.

“The alarm people know that Richard’s speech has deteriorated, so if they can’t get a plausible answer from him, they call me so I can get back to him quickly. Now we can be independent and not have to rely on help if I need to get a loaf of bread. I would definitely recommend it.”