Our services

Our services

Life24 has been designed to provide vulnerable people of all ages, with an affordable, 24-7 telecare and support service.

A lifeline to professional support: Life24 users are provided with a personal alarm and specialist sensors, which, when activated, automatically alerts our professional call monitoring centre (accredited by the Telecare Services Authority). The call handler will identify an appropriate response, including calling the emergency services or a nominated responder.

The personal touch: Life24 is more than just a remote telecare service. Uniquely, we provide a regular wellbeing contact to check-in with the customer. We believe that personal contact is important. Our Life24 Advisors will schedule regular contacts, providing the opportunity for a one-to-one and to make sure your alarms, sensors and equipment are working satisfactorily.

Extra peace of mind: Our Life24 alarms are fully digital and connected to a router, providing a more effective and reliable service. The system also includes a SIM card so you know your alarm will work, no matter what – even if there’s a power outage.

No hassle, no extra fees: Getting started with Life24 couldn’t be simpler. A member of our technical team will come out to assess your requirements. We are not restricted to a specific personal alarm supplier or manufacturer, which enables us to recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your individual needs.

We can even adapt solutions if required. If you choose to proceed, we will arrange a second appointment to install the equipment and make sure you understand how it operates. We will also schedule your visit – the number of which depends on your service level plan.

With a 30-day minimum contract, there’s no commitment and no additional fees outside of your chosen service level price plan. If you’d like to know more, please call 0300 123 5544.